1º: Contact PIX4life to express your interest.

2º: Sign the consortium NDA that PIX4life will provide to discuss your project details, and exchange any required technical information.

3º: If interested in joining one of the early-access Multi-Project Wafer runs, fill in the Application form that PIX4life will provide, in order to evaluate your request and the available wafer space. At the current early-access stage, not all end-users may be able to fit their designs on a certain MPW run.

4º: If accepted, prepare your design according to the design manual of the corresponding platform (BioPIX or TriPleX) and the Process Design Kit of your design software of choice (PhoeniX or Luceda). Alternatively, you can get design support from a professional design house (VLC Photonics). Register and submit your design according to PIX4life instructions by the tape-in deadline, and wait for your dies to be delivered afterwards.